Our History

North Valley Bank North Zanesville Ohio

North Valley Bank was originally established in 1904 by local area businessmen in the Village of Corning, Ohio as The Bank of Corning Company. The need for a locally owned, community-oriented commercial bank arose out of the oil boom at the turn of the century. Southern Perry County thrived on the oil production industry, which in turn spawned the natural gas and coal industries in the area. The Village of Corning, along with surrounding communities, continued to thrive until the mid-1950’s.

Economic changes began to impact these industries making it increasingly more difficult to efficiently produce the natural resources. Individuals from the Village of Corning as well as other surrounding areas began to relocate to more metropolitan areas where employment opportunities were growing. The metropolitan areas continued to grow over the next couple of decades adding shopping centers and various conveniences. Unable to compete, the Village of Corning’s population and revenue continued to decrease.

The Tradition Continues

In 1997, The Bank of Corning Board of Directors created a Five Year Strategic Plan detailing goals for the future of the Bank. The first was accomplished in 1998 when The Bank of Corning Company officially became North Valley Bank. Following the change of name, North Valley Bank expanded its market area by building a new office located in South Zanesville. In June of 2000 the doors were officially opened and this new office became the Bank headquarters. The following year North Valley Bank acquired Malta National Bank which became the third banking office for North Valley Bank.

With expansion and growth becoming rapid on the north side of Zanesville, North Valley Bank saw a need for an office on Maple Avenue. In early 2013 the North Office was built and open for business.

After the success of the North Office, North Valley Bank sought an opportunity to expand into Licking County. In 2014 land was purchased on Walnut Road in the Buckeye Lake community. Soon after, the Buckeye Lake office was completed and then officially opened its doors in the summer of 2015.

As an expansion of North Valley Bank’s portfolio, SBA lending was formed. Recently, North Valley Bank opened an office in Columbus to house our new SBA lending team. With the addition of the Columbus Office, North Valley Bank now has six locations. Located in Muskingum, Perry, Morgan, Licking and Franklin Counties; our offices currently serve over twelve Ohio counties.

Despite the changes and the resulting success that North Valley Bank has experienced over the past century, our founding principles persevere. North Valley Bank remains a locally owned, community-oriented, commercial bank dedicated to the idea of “local business men and women serving local businesses.”

On behalf of our directors, officers and employees, welcome to North Valley Bank. We are a local community bank committed to serving Muskingum, Perry, Morgan and Licking Counties. At North Valley Bank, we are local bankers making local decisions, committed to the communities we serve, and dedicated to delivering quality personal service to individuals and businesses. Our value proposition is all about the service experience at North Valley Bank and our people make the difference. We get to know our customers and strive to deliver personalized financial solutions and a positive customer service experience to our friends and neighbors. Please explore our website and find out more about North Valley Bank, our products, services, and our people.

Jim Nicholson, CEO

Executive Staff

Jim Nicholson - President/CEO

Jim Nicholson


Tom Selock - SVP/CDO<br />NMLS ID: 527723

Tom Selock

NMLS ID: 527723

Jim Baemel - SVP/SBA

Jim Baemel


Julie Paxton - SVP/CLO<br />NMLS ID: 527722

Julie Paxton

NMLS ID: 527722

Chris Olney - SVP/CCO<br />NMLS ID: 439657

Chris Olney

NMLS ID: 439657

Tricia Lyons - VP/CFO

Tricia Lyons


Branch Managers

Jenny Eberts  - Corning Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 1445939

Jenny Eberts

Corning Office
NMLS ID: 1445939

Kelly McCoy - Malta Office<br />AVP/Lender<br />NMLS ID: 527719

Kelly McCoy

Malta Office
NMLS ID: 527719

Bryan Bonkowski - Buckeye Lake Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 572670

Bryan Bonkowski

Buckeye Lake Office
NMLS ID: 572670

Chad Tyson - North Zanesville<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 563235

Chad Tyson

North Zanesville
NMLS ID: 563235

Josh Caudill - Zanesville Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 562411

Josh Caudill

Zanesville Office
NMLS ID: 562411

SBA Lending Team

North Valley Bank SBA Lending Team

Monnica Browning

Commercial Loan Administrator

Tyler Nicholson

SBA Loan Underwriter

Jim Baemel


Bill Ingham

VP/SBA Health Care Lending

Amy Guy

Loan Servicing Supervisor

Matt Manske - VP/National Funeral Home Lending Manager

Matt Manske

VP/National Funeral Home Lending Manager

Other Management

Greg Ashby - Zanesville Office<br />VP Retail Branch Administrator<br />NMLS ID: 527717

Greg Ashby

Zanesville Office
VP Retail Branch Administrator
NMLS ID: 527717

Brendan Underwood - Business Banking Center<br />VP/ Commercial Relationship Manager

Brendan Underwood

Business Banking Center
VP/ Commercial Relationship Manager

Waynette Tackett - Zanesville Office<br />Human Resource Officer

Waynette Tackett

Zanesville Office
Human Resource Officer

Marc Carpenter - Zanesville Office<br />AVP Relationship Manager<br />NMLS ID: 562416

Marc Carpenter

Zanesville Office
AVP Relationship Manager
NMLS ID: 562416

Tim Shumway - Zanesville Office<br />VP/ Loan Compliance Officer

Tim Shumway

Zanesville Office
VP/ Loan Compliance Officer

Jesse Rollins - Business Banking Center<br />AVP/ Business Development Officer<br />NMLS ID: 744192

Jesse Rollins

Business Banking Center
AVP/ Business Development Officer
NMLS ID: 744192

Amy Froelich - Zanesville Office<br />VP/ Deposit Operations<br />Compliance/BSA Officer

Amy Froelich

Zanesville Office
VP/ Deposit Operations
Compliance/BSA Officer

Shelly Axline - Zanesville Office<br />Residential Lending Manager<br />NMLS ID: 527718

Shelly Axline

Zanesville Office
Residential Lending Manager
NMLS ID: 527718

Brittany Maziar - Zanesville Office<br />Treasury Management Specialist

Brittany Maziar

Zanesville Office
Treasury Management Specialist

Becky Shockley - Malta Office<br />Assistant Branch Manager<br />NMLS ID: 1837616

Becky Shockley

Malta Office
Assistant Branch Manager
NMLS ID: 1837616

Office Openings

  • 1904
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2016
Corning Ohio Office

Corning Ohio Office

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South Zanesville Office

South Zanesville Office

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Malta Ohio Office

Malta Ohio Office

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North Zanesville Office

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Buckeye Lake Office

Buckeye Lake Office

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SBA Lending Office

SBA Lending Office

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