Residential Mortgages

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North Valley Bank wants to help you make a house your HOME!

North Valley Bank offers a wide array of mortgage loans customized to meet specific needs.

These products include:

  • Fixed Rates
  • Adjustable Rates
  • Country Living Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Lot Loans

North Valley Bank also offers FREE pre-qualifications. Apply Today!

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Home Equity Loans

Home Equity loan north valley bank zanesville

Access the equity you have built in your home with the ease of writing a check.

North Valley Bank offers Home Equity Loans with competitive terms that allow you to access your line of credit however you see fit. Take a trip, payoff high interest credit cards or make home improvements.

Call or stop into any of our locations for more information and let’s get started today!
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North Valley Bank Mortgage Lenders

Jenny Eberts  - Corning Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 1445939

Jenny Eberts

Corning Office
NMLS ID: 1445939

Kelly McCoy - Malta Office<br />AVP/Lender<br />NMLS ID: 527719

Kelly McCoy

Malta Office
NMLS ID: 527719

Bryan Bonkowski - Buckeye Lake Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 572670

Bryan Bonkowski

Buckeye Lake Office
NMLS ID: 572670

Chad Tyson - North Zanesville<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 563235

Chad Tyson

North Zanesville
NMLS ID: 563235

Shelly Axline - Zanesville Office<br />Residential Lending Manager<br />NMLS ID: 527718

Shelly Axline

Zanesville Office
Residential Lending Manager
NMLS ID: 527718

Josh Caudill - Zanesville Office<br />Lender<br />NMLS ID: 562411

Josh Caudill

Zanesville Office
NMLS ID: 562411